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We take utmost care in safeguarding your data. This policy outlines what we collect about you, and how we use, share, and manage this data. It also outlines the choices you have about this data.


We collect your data in several ways including when you choose to share it with us, when you shop with us or engage with us at our social media channels. We intend to comply with applicable laws no matter how we obtain your data.


The information provided by our customers in regard to their contact information, sizing preferences, social media accounts, comments and reviews on our products, billing and shipping addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and payment methods are treated with utmost confidentiality.


We solemnly guarantee that your information will not be misused, transferred or distributed to any third parties in exchange for money whatsoever. All transactions and payments are carried out through PayU Money, India's leading payment provider, that protects your personal information and only proceeds with payments after the OTP verification process linked to your phone number has been completed.


The privacy and security of your data is important to us. We use digital security and process controls to protect your data. Data collected on our website is stored in a password-protected database and only used to contact customers regarding their orders and sending information regarding new products, sales and discounts, and/or any possible changes to their account.


We will never ask you for your password or any other confidential bank information, whether in email, online chat, phone call, or in person.


Your privacy is of the highest importance to our business! If you have any concerns regarding your information and its privacy, please email us at for any concerns or queries.


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