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Albeli is the complete woman of modern world so advanced yet bubbling with life to care for others, naturally candid and beautifully natural.

Each dawn breaks with vivid colorful composition of creative art enhancing her natural beauty, mesmerizing the world around with such attraction and handpicked accessories.
We are a group of passionate creative artist, whose love for art and human values grow in parallel. With a humble start of just few of us we have grown now to a team of 25 people, our values are deep rooted in an inclusive environment, where in each of the team member is empowered and guided to make the right choice for the benefit of all, including mother nature.

We endeavor to model our business for social and environmental protection. Our team building focus is to support women and differently abled persons in need of social and financial support and nurture their inherent talent in making Eco friendly hand-crafted accessories and packaging material.
Our continuous effort is to bring out the best in every one, by unique collaboration between talented artisan and aspiring customer. We realize we must celebrate life every day by creating every day as a festival season for all connected.

Contact Us

Address: 102, Raghuraj enclave, G-17, Krishna Marg, C scheme, Jaipur, Rajasthan 

Email ID:

Contact number: 9680984499

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